Lend Bias

by Robins

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songs about anxiety and how we cope.


released July 28, 2014

recorded live @ drexel university - april/may 2014
mastered by bob iacono @ sleepless sound studio
artwork by steph dibona

all music written and performed by robins.
lyrics by albert berardocco

sean brady featured on tracks 1-6
additional vocals on tracks 1, 4 and 5 by brendan daly
additional vocals on track 6 by ciaran curran

we really only play like 3 of these songs anymore, but this will always have sentimental value. thanks for listening and coming along for the ride. we love you.



all rights reserved


Robins Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

philly emo/punk. usually fast, but not too heavy.

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Track Name: Athletes
bailey, you god damn fucking dog. bailey, you got this fucking wrong. the only reason that I'm sorry is because now I'm restarting. better yet than projecting feelings of bitter hearts and pulsing lesions. what's the reason for this disposition? I always was given the best and the brightest one more malcontent I'm finished exhausted and no longer can fight.

right here's a sticky situation reminiscent of my best friend's basement

can I avoid this condemnation when i'm lacking all this time and patience? if i run will you keep up pace with me? when i fall will you keep a place for me? what's done is done tomorrow's another day. i gave my all now you leave with a part of me.
Track Name: Bobby Dukes is Back
out of place disturb the peace worried eyes and shaky knees. wish that i could just keep up rather than fall out of touch. lacking in priorities means more to me. figuring the ordering means more to me. historically priorities never were my specialty. don't you want a piece of me?

now it all is coming down. isolation excessive perspiration. pent up feelings of aggression.

when i said i love you i meant it. little talks evasive action you and i will never happen. you and i are satellites communicating static.
Track Name: The Ballad of Ricky Spanish
coming apart at the seams is this what you wanted it to be? a ghost of yourself in a time of reckoning the setting is marked for a modern tragedy. try and do the right thing but no one else is trying. temptations so inviting, i'm losing ground, can't do this on my own. severed all connections. this guilt is unrelenting. my thoughts have been detected, i'm falling off and losing all control.

i'll take one more look at you. a black hole with built up residue. breathe in i hope there's something left; exhale no longer be upset.

waking up is impossible, holding you as responsible. why the fuck is this difficult? i grew up deceiving (hide your hopes in cement) keep on dreaming this will end.
Track Name: Dirty Swarth
I can't say this needs repeating, another heart left bleeding. fall through the cracks in the sidewalk, can't move when everything's my fault. funny how your mom said she liked me, then your brother came out to fight me. i guess i'll keep moving forward and wait for you to say sorry.

[you'll never find me, but you're the only.]
tell me another story. most people find me boring.

if only this was the time for our first kiss cause it matters.
you're so sweet when you give yourself a chance.

[how i feel is like i'm only second best.]
Track Name: That High, That Quick
is it time for me to run toward that ever-changing sun? i've only just begun, then i think i'll be someone. having all this fun is getting fucking old. i tried to shape the mold, but always come up empty.

there's no more i can accomplish here. get me away from here.
punching through my mirror in attempt to see my reflection. finally make it clearer, now i'm noticing that i all i have is bloody hands and seven years of bad luck.
Track Name: Homeboy Smellgood
turn all the lights in your house off to let me know you're leaving. i'll sneak into your window no one will see me. i'll get all my things you told me were lost.

[i always knew you were a lost cause.]

what's left for saying? saying "it's useless."

I submit.
I exist.

you can't tell me that you're not happy.

...you and i are satellites communicating static.